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Conference folders & Stationery

Conference Folders and Stationary

Both the Collins Conference folders and stationery ranges contain items to meet the requirements of today's increasing demanding consumer, all of which can incorporate your branding and be seen by your key clients everyday of the year.

Collins Conference Folders are a valuable accompaniment for any meeting, conference or seminar! We have also recently extended the popular Conference Folder range now offering something to meet every requirement!

Telephone address books, accounts books, manuscript books, why not make a lasting impression with your customers by giving them a high quality conference folder or quality branded stationery item.

For our top rated Conference folder and stationery item see below:

7018 Portfolio with Zip

7018 Portfolio with Zip

The 7018 is an affordable option, but still displays all the class and sophistication offered by Collins.

Cased Notebooks

Cased Notebooks

Collins cased notebooks are ideal for taking notes or telephone numbers, These chunky notepads are a smart, unique addition to your desk.

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Alternatively call us on 0141 300 8655 and we'll be happy to help.

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