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Personal Time Management

Hello and welcome to the first of our articles on Personal Time Management. Here at Collins, we believe organising your personal life is just as important as effective time management in the workplace.

We're going to start by looking at procrastination; in fact we'll maybe leave that for another day!

Having read through and implemented our workplace time management advice, hopefully you will have started to see a big difference. Well there's no reason at all why your personal life can't be turned around in the same way.

We'll start by looking at stress, something we all feel from time to time and which can be reduced by effective personal time management.

So what is stress? Here's a simple definition: "Stress is any outside force or event that has an effect on our body or mind." - (

So what are some everyday causes of stress that affect our personal lives?

  • Feeling like all you ever do is work and sleep
  • Putting things off that really need done
  • Remembering to pay bills on time
  • Finding time for yourself to do the things you enjoy

With all these things and more going on it's no wonder we can all get stressed on occasion. The key to dealing with these stresses and pressures is to manage them properly and put them in their place.

Imagine for a moment how your life could be so much more satisfying if you could minimise the impact of all these outside forces and events and take charge of your own personal time.

It's a lot easier than you think and in our next article, we'll explain how this can be achieved with just a little bit of time, effort and organisation, because less stress can only be a good thing.

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