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A5 Weekly Notebook
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A5 Weekly Notebook A5 Weekly Notebook

2018 A5 Weekly Notebook - 61

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Great for those with a a large 'to do list' or for those who just like making notes. The Soft back Wiro are popular for their unique week to view with notes layout.

Size: A5 (210x259mm)
Layout: Weekly Notebook
Features Include

• A5 Week to view with notes Layout
•Week to view with notes diary
• Printed soft back covers
• Conversion factors
• UK holidays and festivals
• International holidays
• 2016 & 2017 year planners
• Sizes: A5 (210x148mm)

References: 61
Product #: 61 - 2018

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Product Reviews
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It is the most satisfactory diary I have ever had. The week to view and note page facing mean all info necessary notes can be contained for the week. As an aide memoir I it is invaluable with space for all daily appointments. I have orderedthis diary for at least 10 years and would be v.v.unhappy if I could not obtain it. I order from my local stationer mid year and it is always available by end June. I cannot understand why everybody doesn't buy it. It used to come with a hard back cover and the diary slotted into it giving a Pocket for loose notes - I miss that. I have still one but it is on its last legs! A diary is still important to me although I use my phone for some notes. I have already ordered my 2017 diary and look forward to receiving it. Thank you

Best diary ever

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This is the most useful diary I have ever found. It is also the right size for home or work. weekly events and notes dont get lost within the daily ones. Appointments can be seen mote clearly when not mixed up with notes but it is handy to see any note about the appointment next to it.
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