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Collins 2019 Diary Classic Slim Chart Week to View - CAPV

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Model CAPV slimline - The perfect planner for space limited CEOs

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This executive level planner measures 85mm x 155mm - 3.25 x 6.25". It's 12mm - 0.5" thick. It is a week to an opening and each day is divided into 10 appointment times (8am - 5pm plus evenings). I can have a year's worth of business appointments which fits perfectly easily into my jacket pocket. The cover is very solid and is done in faux leather, with gold metal corner protectors and the pages themselves are gold edged. So, it is a very classy item. I have been using this planner for 25 years and I have run a small empire from its pages. An excellent product which I hope never disappears.
John Davies

2017 diary

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I enjoyed it for the last 9 years !

calendars and diary

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Good experience and prompt delivery

I buy it again and again

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This diary is all I need. It's elegant with the golden edges and has all data you can find in no time. I absolutely love it. Its size is just right and I find my appointment much faster than in any electronic diary.
Mirjam G.

CAPV diary

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I have been buying this exellent diary since 1997. It used to be available in 4 colours -maroon,green,dark blue and black. Alas since 2012 onle black is available. Neverthelss may this diary continue to be available.

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