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Collins 2019 A5 Weekly Notebook - 61

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It is the most satisfactory diary I have ever had. The week to view and note page facing mean all info necessary notes can be contained for the week. As an aide memoir I it is invaluable with space for all daily appointments. I have orderedthis diary for at least 10 years and would be v.v.unhappy if I could not obtain it. I order from my local stationer mid year and it is always available by end June. I cannot understand why everybody doesn't buy it. It used to come with a hard back cover and the diary slotted into it giving a Pocket for loose notes - I miss that. I have still one but it is on its last legs! A diary is still important to me although I use my phone for some notes. I have already ordered my 2017 diary and look forward to receiving it. Thank you

Best diary ever

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This is the most useful diary I have ever found. It is also the right size for home or work. weekly events and notes dont get lost within the daily ones. Appointments can be seen mote clearly when not mixed up with notes but it is handy to see any note about the appointment next to it.

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soft back wiro diary A5

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I have been using this particular diary for nearly twenty years. It is perfect.

So useful

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I have used these diaries for many years - they are so useful. I have one on the desk in my workroom and one in the kitchen. The arrangement of a blank page against each week means that I never lose vital notes and jottings and they are tied to the time they happened. I definitely recommend the weekly notebook diaries.
Yvonne Roe

Weekly Notebook Diary

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Theses are my favourite diaries and I would be lost without one. Thank you.

Weekly notebook diary A5

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I have used these for many years and couldn't do without them Delivery always swift and a good product
John Rees-Jones

Neat and practical

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A compact, lightweight and therefore very portable diary which is ideal for capturing appointments and for making short notes or comments on the facing page. I have bought this style of diary for the last 7 years as it suits my needs perfectly. Great product!


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I use this format of diary every day It is clear and straightforward Best of all, it has a page opposite each week Enough space for notes and reminders Great product

A5 Notebook

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Arrived in post when expected. I've been using this item for several years now. Like the layout (don't change it!) as it allows just enough space for a few lines for reminders and any diary-like comments. I still prefer it over a pc, tablet...

Collins A 5 weekly notebook - 61

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I have used these diaries for longer than I can remember, I wold have no other.

Weekly Notebook

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I agree with all the reviews, this is the most useful and practical diary I have ever used and have been using it for 30 years. Only problem is you very rarely find it in shops any more.

2017 A5 weekly notebook -61:A5 (210x148mm)

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Delighted as ever. The A5 weekly notebook remains the best diary/notebook for me. Please do not EVER discontinue it or change the format ! it's invaluable and perfect as it is !
Natasha R-B

Collins Weekly Notebook Diary

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I have used this diary for many years, and find it essential. Having the blank page opposite for reminders, shopping lists, etc is fantastic.

Weekly Notebook Diary

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I have ordered the No. 61 and 62 for several years as I really like the product. Suits my needs very well. Ordering and delivery is always very efficient Many thanks.

Notebook Diary for 2017

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I have used this diary notebook for decades and am pleased you still supply it

Good service

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Always buy this diary for my mother each year! Good efficient service and good quality diary

excellent. on my 6th year.

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This diary is an ideal size and shape. we also use a shared digital diary, but this is the key organiser for my business and family. I miss the plastic clip in book mark, and am continuing to use a broken one from 2010.
Heather H

2018 A5 Weekly Notebook - 61

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Just the diary I need to keep track of all family, social, arts and dramatic events we are involved with and I can even use it for menu planning. So glad I can purchase it each June so that the following year's planning can be transferred before the back of the previous diary is over-run! The service from Collins is fast and efficient. No sooner had I found it available and placed the order it was arriving through the door. Next year is now safely written in with several items for 2019 already in the back!
A Gordon

Diary 2018

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Excellent price and quick delivery
Mrs D Sheldon

Order No: CD-273175

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7 Sept. Order placed and acknowledged. 8 Sept. money left my bank acct. 19 Sept. reported to 'enquiries' that order had not been received - please investigate. 19 Sept. My enquiry was acknowledged team would respond within 24hrs. 21 Sept. received e-mail hoping that my recent purchase was satisfactory - would I review it! I certainly will once it arrives.
G. Holman

The best diary ever!

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The Collins A5 No.61 Notebook Diary is just perfect in every respect. I have used it every year since 1967 - a total of 50 years - half a century! That could well be a record, and surely speaks for itself!
Alan Johnson


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This was far preferable when the notes page was on the right. One often wants to be able to refer to the calendar page when making notes, particularly when planning, scheduling etc., but this isn't possible when having to write on the left sided notes page.

2018 A5 desk Diary

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I bought one of these A5 notebook diaries for many,many years. Originally the Months were shown on the top of each page. For the last 3/4 years they have been printed on the bottom of the page. Each year I have to write the month by hand because I prefer the month at the top as I read top to bottom! Some may prefer the current arrangement but would it be possible to have the month Printed at the top or even both top and bottom which no doubt would then suit everyone. It is so extremely useful and I have never found a replacement.

2018 A5 Weekly Notebook - 61

Excellent service. A special thank you to Jane.
T Shaman
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